Your patients need to have the best experience while they visit your office.

 Dental Smiles Management understands the need for this service to be outsourced. More than likely your front office spends endless amount of time on hold with insurance companies to retrieve patient insurance benefits. Many times, patients are not welcomed properly, not acknowledged while waiting in the reception area or are placed on hold because your front office is occupied verifying patient insurances. This is not an ideal scenario and can be easily fixed by taking this service to an offsite location.

 Our team will take the time to obtain necessary information so that dental office personnel can be more focused on patient care. Dental office team will be better equipped to discuss the patient benefits as soon the patient arrives for their scheduled appointment.   Having this information ready and accurate will not only increase productivity but also create foundation of trust between your office and the patient. 

Here is how it works:

We want to understand your office needs to serve you better.  Even though the Insurance Verification process is standard,  various dental offices can have differences in operations and that is why we would love to discuss your work flow to fit our team members in to your day to day needs.

We will have an initial call to build a smooth process flow that works for your office.

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