Social Media Marketing

Let us handle your social media presence and witness remarkable results

Social media is not news to anyone anymore as it is a lot more than just a platform for people to connect. We, as a leading digital marketing agency in Houston, Texas are fully aware of the benefits of social media marketing for your dental business.

We are well informed about the latest techniques and approach that catch the audience’s attention in just a few seconds of spotting the promotional activity on social media. One of our key motives is to create a stunning and captivating social media presence of the client’s company that proves to be advantageous in increasing the consumer demand and building newly formed yet lasting customer relationships.

Social media management does not come handy; it requires loads of research, expertise, and experienced knowledge to be able to understand the target audience’s demands from your dental organization.

Here is how our social media management services work best in the client’s favor:


  • We specifically work on your digital marketing goals:


Your dental business’ objectives mean everything when it comes to creating a worthy and impressive social media presence. Your goals define our strategies that deliver a foolproof outcome in the form of increased customers. Our approach for your social media management includes:

  • Increased brand awareness.
  • Improved sales.
  • Development of a strong fan base.
  • An influential impression on the market.


  • We research the target audience’s and their demands:


We believe that a thorough research done with a clear objective in mind produces great beneficial results. Our team consists of digital marketers, promotion experts, and surveyors who excel at their respective field. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Snapchat, Dental Smiles management keeps a strict eye on the following points.

  • Women users.
  • Men users.
  • The number of followers.
  • Local followers.
  • Acquiring reviews and surveys from the prospective audiences.

Our Key Social Media Platforms:

Facebook Page: We build your Facebook page optimizing it according to business perspective to make it a brand with images, videos, compelling contents as well as Facebook advertisement. We also specialize in Facebook ads for your dental business that can generate a long-term revenue with the lowest cost!

Instagram: Instagram increases brand engagement and traffic building trust among followers, more likely reaching the targeted audience in a short time span.

Twitter: Show brand personality, giving followers a sense of business expanding your global reach, driving website traffic hence boosting website SEO

Google +: It’s worth spending quality time on Google + which helps promote business with strong presence and visibility on Google.

Pinterest: Generate a massive drive of traffic to business with one of the largest platform Pinterest, which is more effective in lead generation.

LinkedIn: Creating a professional connection & networking in LinkedIn helps expose products or services making numerous opportunities to grow a business.

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Benefits of Social Media Marketing:

●  Build Your Business Brand
●  Gain valuable customer insights
●  Increase Brand Awareness & Loyalty

●  Stay Top of Mind With Your Customers
●  Reputation Management
●  Boost Your Customer Engagement

●  Communicate with Your Audience
●  Improves Sales & Lead Generation